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Preliminary note

The database is still under construction and will be regularly expanded and updated.
The website works best with the Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher. In Opera and other less common browsers minor display errors may occur (it might be necessary to change the encoding to: Japanese > ISO-2022-JP).

Description of the database

"Ukiyo-e caricatures 1842-1905" is a project conducted by the members of a research team of the Department for East Asian Studies, University of Vienna, and financed by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

User group

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Rules of usage and disclaimer

The database can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. Copying, printing, disseminating the content of the database, or using it in a modified way are forbidden without explicit authorisation of the Department for East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna. The copyright of the complete content of the database is in possession of the Department for East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna. When using the results of the research the originator has to be quoted explicitly.
The Department for East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna does not take liability for any possible errors of the content or loss that may be caused by the use of the database.

Overview of the different (search) functions

  1. Trilingual search function available (Japanese, English, German)
  2. The following information can be recalled at the top page in any of these languages:
    History (about the history of caricatures on Japanese woodblock-prints, 1842-1905)
    Picture categories (general explanation of the different categories)
    Institutions and persons (information on the owners of the pictures and copyright)
    About the project

Remarks on the images

  1. The images can be enlarged to show details.
  2. Entries of images that form part of a series provide links to the complete series.
  3. Sometimes an image can be classified as belonging to more than one category (e.g.: yakusha-e and bijin-ga) at the same time. All pictures, belonging to the same category can be recalled at any point of the database where one image of this category appears for cross reference.
  4. In the copyright-line overall information about the copyright of the pictures is provided.
    In some cases the full name of the owner of the images is not provided, but can be requested.
    Pictures for which the copyright could not be obtained appear just in outlines.
    For reasons of data protection the logo of the Department of East Asian Studies of the University of Vienna is placed on each picture.
  5. Date specifications are until January the 1st of 1873, when the Gregorian calendar was introduced, given in the system of the old Japanese lunar calendar (taiin reki). The 5th month of that time is corresponding roughly with the month June of nowadays. Because of technical reasons in this database the formula “1st day of the 5th month of 1850” was also often replaced by the abbreviated version “1.5.1850”.
  6. The users may write comments on the database or the images (via e-mail to the research team)

Please note

When the complete term of search (title of image or series, name of publisher or artist etc.) is not known the following method can be applied: replace the unknown part by an * (asterisk). E.g.: "Kuni*" in place of "Kuniyoshi" or "*tsuchigumo*" in place of "Minamoto Raikō-kō yakata tsuchigumo yōkai o nasu no zu".